Asociaţia Genesis Life este o organizaţie non-profit înfiinţată în data de 12.12.2007, care are ca scop protejarea vieţii copiilor nenăscuţi, ajutarea femeilor care întâmpină probleme atunci când se confruntă cu o sarcină nedorită sau care au trecut deja prin trauma avortului, oferirea de sprijin emoţional şi material mamelor tinere aflate în nevoie. De asemenea, parte din viziunea noastra este să facem cunoscute riscurile implicării sexuale timpurii,  promovând în rândul tinerilor din şcoli şi licee abstinenţa pâna la căsătorie. Activităţile noastre se desfăşoară în special în cadrul Centrului de Criză a Sarcinii, NOUA SPERANȚĂ – ALTERNATIVE PENTRU VIAȚĂ, care este deschis din data de 15.10.2009 şi funcţionează cu ajutorul a zece voluntare, care se implică în functie de domeniile lor de interes și specializare.

GENESIS LIFE is a Christian, non-profit Association, registered according to the Romanian legislation on December 2007 and located in Deva, Romania. Our main activity is centered on the pro-life awareness and education/counseling on ABORTION. We address this delicate topic from different perspectives, given the fact that Romania was number 1 in the world in terms of abortion rate in 1990, with a frightening number of 992.265 abortions registered ONLY in State Hospitals – where registration was mandatory. Only God knows how many abortions were performed in private clinics, at home, using primitive methods…The statistics above was provided by the Ministry of Health of Romania. And the year when Romania was number 1 worldwide in this sad death statistics, our County – Hunedoara – was no 1 in Romania. It is generally assumed that Romania burried BY ABORTION in the past 22 years a number of innocent children equal to our present day population! A whole nation was killed and burried in time of peace. If you are interested to study more statistics on abortion in Romania, click on and be amazed! Therefore, we decided to take a stand for all these children that have not been given a chance to see the light! Proverbs 31:8 gains new meaning in the context of abortion:„Open your mouth for the mute, in the cause of all who are left desolate”! GENESIS LIFE opened a PREGNANCY CRISIS CENTER on November 2009: NEW HOPE – ALTERNATIVES FOR LIFE. We were greatly helped, supported and encouraged by our dear friend Bert Block. We operate on a voluntary basis and strongly believe in a HOLISTIC APPROACH of each individual. Thus, we provide FREELY a series of services:

  • Counseling (anti and post abortion counseling, counseling for dysfunctional families and Christian counseling)
  • Support group for young mothers and pregnant women
  • Emotional support for women that undergo post abortion trauma and
  • Home visits for women that are registered in some of our Center programs
  • Material support for young mothers in financial difficulty (baby clothes, strollers, powder milk, pampers, soap, baby food, etc.)
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Sexual education in schools, with a special focus on sexual abstinence before marriage.
  • Awareness campaigns, including visits at local hospitals and clinics – especially the gynecology section and new-born department. (We contacted most of the gynecologists in Deva, asking them to allow us to post banners with our Association and the services that we provide. And, surprisingly, 3 of them agreed to have these informations posted at their Abortion Cliniques!)
  • Outreach events (distribution of informational materials and presentation brochures; mass media outreach, especially through articles in local newspapers; outreach in local Churches, regardless of denomination, through prolife activity presentations)
  • Prolife Events (We organized an international Prolife Conference in May 2010, where 86 people from 5 countries, representing 23 prolife organizations attended. The topics were: “Premarital sexual abstinence” and “The Post-abortion trauma and healing”)

Our Center is located in a strategic, central place in Deva, Romania. Presently we have 10 volunteers, but there is a strong need for more, especially for teaching in schools. We have a series of 13 lessons that we were able to present to a total of about 450 students since we started to teach in Schools.